About me Chi sono, la mia biografia

I’m a photographer and filmmaker.
I Love my job, I love telling stories through my camera.

Weddings are my business core and most of my work is focused on this. My idea of wedding is something beetwin reportage and editorial photography.
I’m passionate in what I do and I try to figure it out the best way to shoot my weddings for delivery a work that fits perfectly on the couple.

I travel around Europe (but I could travel the world) for following my couples.
Meeting people from all the world is something amazing that increase my work, my curriculum and mostly my person…

I do other stuff, Portraits are my big passion, not only for private clients but even for companies ora for fashion models.
I do photos for Real Estate Agency or Holiday House Rental or e-commerce too.

My Heart is splitted. One side is for Photography the other one pulse for Filmmaking. I like collaborate with musician for create their music Videos and sometimes I try to make some experiment playng with the camera and shooting some Short-movie. Beside the Wedding Videos of course!

I have a team that support me and help me to reach our goals for growing as Photo and Video Studios

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Vincitore SUMMER EDITION 2021 IGHAwards

La Mia Biografia

Born and raised in Sicily, in a small town in the heart of the Alcantara Valley, a magical and incredibly beautiful place, known for having been the naturalistic set of great Hollywood productions several times, including the Godfather and The Tale of Tales, by M. Garrone (to be more recent).

Since I was a child I have shown interest in the visual and narrative arts.

After a trip to Australia I bought my first Canon …
I’ve been taking pictures ever since.

I started by reading everything I found on the net and watching every existing video that talked about photography.

Thanks to YouTube, I took my first steps as a videomaker, making Vlogs on TV series and forming the first collaborations with industry experts. After meeting Riccardo Petrillo, I joined the Filmakings family, the Italian portal dedicated to videomaking and we worked with him on important projects, such as the TOP Dj auditions (on air in the most important italian televesion Channel).

The experience on the web allowed me to be discovered by a photographer and videomaker in my area: Vincenzo Stagnitta.

Thanks to him I discovered the world of Wedding.

It was 2012

For a few years I was in the ranks. I learned the trade, I improved, I grew up, I understood what I liked and what I didn’t. Until I decided to start my own business.

Alone, without knowing how to do it but with the desire to shoot and film your weddings.

After a year, thanks to social media, I notice an emerging photographer on the German scene: Lorenzo Conti.

It will be the beginning of a collaboration and a friendship that still lasts today.

Together we are trying to leave our mark on the wedding business and in the hearts of our customers.

Se da una parte crescevo nel settore del matriomonio dall’altra portavo avanti progetti paralleli. Piccole produzioni video per musici e artisti della mia zona, cortometraggi, youtube.
Cercando di raffinare l’arte del filmmaking.

I collaborated with Primark Video for a corporate video on the occasion of the opening in Catania.
Together with Lorenzo I have created videos for Mubea, a German multinational for a Top-Secret project and I take care of a collaboration relationship with MAS Communication of Catania for the creation of Photo and Video material.

In my free time I dedicate myself to landscape photos.
(I’m working on creating a section here on the site where I can sell my photos)

And I’m starting with a Youtube project related to my work.

Membro dello staff Filmakings, il portale italiano dedicato al VideoMaking e di SicilianBride, come fotografo e videomaker ufficiale.

Photographic collaborations with: Engel & Völkers di Taormina, leading international company in the brokerage of prestigious properties, Bookiply company that manages holiday homes in Sicily for the realization of photographic services of their structures.

Videographic collaborations with: YAM e MRK Produzioni.

Over time I realized that I like to tell stories. I see photography as a tool to convey a message, to convey feelings and freeze emotions. In addition to photography, I like to try my hand at other parallel activities that I carry on in my spare time.


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